Here we post news from EJPAE such as new issues, call for articles etc.

  • The second issue of 2022 is out


    The European Journal of Philosophy in Arts Education is proud to present the second issue of 2022 with five very interesting articles representing different fields within the arts: visual art, art history, language, dance and music and the countries Scotland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. Thank you Miranda Anderson, Frederiek Bennema, Cecilia Ferm Almqvist, Linn Hentschel, Synnøve Myklestad, Marie-Helene Zimmerman Nilsson and Jo Smedley for choosing to publish your articles with EJPAE!









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  • Call for articles Issue 2 2022 - March 1st.


    A new year har come with new hope for a post-pandemic arts education. EJPAE is soon coming out with a great issue, but we need articles for the forthcoming issues. You are welcome to submit your original articles in the intersection between education, pilosophy and the arts before March 1st.

    Remember - EJPAE is free for all and your friendly journal in a hostile world.

    All the best!


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  • Call for articles


    Another interesting issue of EJPAE has just been released and another one will come in fall, but for 2022 we still have space for more articles that develop and contribute to theory in the intersection between the arts, education and philosophy. Please submit your original article for double-blind peer review before July 1st 2021.

    Looking forward to reading your contribution!!

    Ketil Thorgersen

    Editor in Chief

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  • The first issue 2021 is out


    I light has emerged from the darkness of the pandemic - a new and interesting issue of EJPAE! The issue presents two articles:

    The first article is by Ola Buan Øien who has explored how concepts developed by Daniel Lanois can be useful in performances through arts based research. The concept investigated are sonic ambience, master station, operating by limitation, locations, preparing and black dubs. In this exploration he has turned inwards and analysed his own compositional process.

    The second article discusses the relationship between art and science and is written by Thomas Dillern. By using Leonardo da Vinci as an example, he shows that art and science as human endeavours share some common traits. Read the issue here

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  • Delays due to Covid-19


    Even if a journal can not get ill by a physical virus, EJPAE has been affected by the virus. The editor lives i Stockholm, Sweden a city that has been hit hard. Unfortunately increased workload due to distance teaching as well as ill family members has led to a delay in the  processing of incoming articles. I expect to have the next issue out before the summer holidays, and is now slowly catching up with article reviews. I do hope you have patience with us in this strange situation and apologise for any inconvenience!

    Take care!


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  • New issue of EJPAE


    Finally the last issue of 2019 is out of the door! Enjoy articles about a Swedish reform school focusing the arts, about research ethics for researchers in music education and education in the arts, and a mind boggling article about a suggesting change towards a new paradigm for music education - a paradigm of the commons. Three articles from three different countries: Finland, Sweden and Greece. The authors are: Juvas Marianne Liljas, Cecilia Björk and Marja-Leena Juntunen, and Alexandros Kioupkiolis. Enjoy the reading and thinking!

    Ketil Thorgersen

    Editor in Chief

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  • New issue - Special issue on Arts Based Research


    The first special issue in EJPAE's history is due. And what an issue: The theme - Arts Based Research - represents one of the most exciting developments in educational research the last decades and in this issue we meet different reflections and representations of this approach to research. The editors this time have been Cecilia Ferm-Almqvist and Torill Vist who has done an excellent job of guiding the articles to the finished state - as well as having written an excellent introduction to the topic at hand. Enjoy the reading!

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