The field of arts educational research has experienced several scientific turns, which have influenced what has been counted as valid research, what methods that have been used, and what kind of results that have been possible to deliver. The turns have also influenced the researcher’s role, and the relations to what or whom that has been studied. The interpretative turn, the language turn, the bodily turn, the ontological turn, and the action turn. Still, these turns have not totally succeeded when it comes to grasp all complexities of arts educational phenomena. It can be stated, that Arts-Based Research (ABR) has become a more common research approach during the latest decades, aiming to grasp various phenomena related to arts education. In contrast to the traditional use of verbal language, Arts-Based Researchers combine these with alternative forms of expressions as images, movie, sculpture, dance, music, poetry, digital technology, metaphors or drama. The question is, are we coming closer to a multi modal turn, are we ready to welcome the creative, imaginative and evocative possibilities of the arts into our understanding of research? We hereby call for articles that touch upon the theme of ABR from different philosophical, ontological and epistemological perspectives, within the area of arts education. Publication formats including other forms of expressions than text will be handled.


Guest editors: Cecilia Ferm Almqvist & Torill Vist

Deadline: 1st of June 2018

Comments from reviewers: 1st of September 2018

Deadline revised articles: 1st of November

Publication date: December 2018


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