Sonic extractions On developing understandings through arts-based research in a performative context

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Ola Buan Øien


The aim of this study is to investigate how arts-based research can contribute to developing understandings of six concepts in a performative context: sonic ambience, master station, operating by limitation, locations, preparing, and black dubs. The research is methodologically informed by arts-based research, and the empirical material is based on the main findings from a previous study on record producer Daniel Lanois’s practice. In the present study the empirical material is explored through my own practice, the performative process of which is informed by the six concepts noted. The study is guided by the following research question: “How can arts-based research contribute to developing understandings of six identified concepts in a performative context?” The primary findings are the analytical approaches arts-based meaning interpretation and arts-based transformation, as well as the sonic extractions summarized in the composition “Supro Nova”. The findings establish a basis for further discussion through which to discover how the study may contribute to developing understandings relevant to other practices.

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