A French horn pedagogue’s professional understanding

French horn didactopographer teaching students from beginner to expert, with teacher education as an ending point





professional understanding, music education, basic thinking, French horn


This article is based on a qualitative study of a Norwegian French horn pedagogue’s professional understanding. Through thematic narrative analysis of observations of her teaching practice, interviews and a survey form, the author identifies three pivots on which the professional understanding is centred: hornists, strategies and merging. The horn pedagogues´ professional understanding is presented in the research narrative ‘The didactopographer’ in the middle of the article, and is discussed within a profession-oriented theoretical framework in which power, identity and knowledge are fundamental aspects. The discussion also draws upon Hans-Georg Gadamer’s views about education and the concept of sensus communis. The author summarises the contributions of this article to basic thinking in music and arts education.

Author Biography

Elin Angelo, Norwegian University of Science and Technology - Department of Teacher Education

Elin Angelo (Ph.D) is associate professor of music education at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), where she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on music and arts education, and research courses in philosophy of science and methodology. She is one of the founders and the elected chair of the Norwegian Network for Music and Art School Research, and leads a national project within this field, IRISforsk, with researchers from music education, teacher education, school leadership and school development. Her work has been published in Action, Criticism and Theory for Music Education, International Journal for Community Music, Nordic Research in Music Education Yearbook, The Nordic Journal of Cultural Policy, Acta Didactica Norge, Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education, and in international and Norwegian peer-reviewed books. She is part of the editorial team in European Journal of Philosophy in Arts Education and in Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education, and part of the research team in the international project Discourses of Academization and the Music Profession in Higher Music Education. Prior to her university teaching, Angelo taught in the music and art school, community music, kindergarten, compulsory school and upper secondary school, and has been employed as a professional saxopohonist in military bands, symphonic orchestra and in freelance projects. She holds degrees from the Arctic University of Norway, the Norwegian Academy of Music, and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.